Susanne Pfeffer


There are a few exhibitions that I visited and some that I only saw online like the one called Grouped Show presented at Tanya Leigthon in 2011, which are still holding a special place in my memory and my imagination.

The inaugural exhibition of the Fridericianum in Kassel entitled Speculations on Anonymous Materials is definitely part of those influential exhibitions. Presented in the end of 2013, the show aimed to gather works that illustrated the vital shift in the output of contemporary practice in the use of materiality. The show captured what was in the air, and the exhibition itself became a kind of conversation about what art might become.

More recently Fridericianum curator and director SUSANNE PFEFFER came back to this exhibition into an interview conducted by THOM BETTRIDGE that has been published in the Winter Issue 2015/2016 of 032c. The whole discussion is now available online via

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