Bertrand Dezoteux

10min 30s / 2015
produced by Le Confort Moderne

11min / 2015
produced by Capricci Films
Music : “Tahiti Summernights” by BURT BLANCA

14 min/2008
produced by Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains

The three videos presented above are excerpts from animated films by French artist BERTRAND DEZOTEUX. His work explores different kind of narrative structures thanks to the use of digital technology such as simula­tion modelling and game design. What results are synthetic universes where changes of scale, mechanical behaviors and spatial ruptures ceaselessly combine and disassemble.

Eventually his work seems to revolve around displacement between sound and image, movement and frame, present and future among others. These slipstreams of fragments that play with and against each other disrupts the cohesive narrative of traditional cinema.

BERTRAND DEZOTEUX‘s work is part of the group exhibition The Averty Show currently presented at the Confort Moderne, Poitiers (France) until December 20, 2015. Additionally I really recommend to watch a conference he did in 2012 where he explained a few projects here (please note that the conference is only available in french).


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