Xavier Cha. Abduct

Abduct, 2015

video courtesy the artist, Frieze Film and Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Right now in New York, a crowd of people sat on a metal bleacher in a room of a gallery space is screaming, cheering, yelling, laughing and felling into silence again at the top of every hour. The piece is entitled Feedback (2015) and is a work by New York-based artist XAVIER CHA. Feedback (2015) is currently on view at the art venue 47 Canal till Sunday November 15, 2015 and seems to be a real experience.

On this occasion, I choose to present here a new film by CHA produced by Frieze Film in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. Entitled Abduct (2015), the work will be presented as an expanded installation, accompanied by live performances, for XAVIER CHA‘s upcoming solo exhibition at MOCA Cleveland next year.

As for her previous work, Feedback (2015) and Abduct (2015) is all about creating emotional possibilities by isolating elements of perception, and communication into raw and abstract experience which most of the time, takes the form of performances and videos.

Please note that Feedback is running till Sunday November 15, 2015 at 47 Canal, New York. Abduct will be on view at MOCA Cleveland from January 29 to May 8, 2016. I also recommend to read ANDREW RUSSETH’s review for Feedback (2015) via Artnews.com.

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