actual_size #1. Alex Ito

YA05_8 Alex Ito Detail

The Principle of Hope (Detail), 2015
mixed media, various dimensions
Courtesy of the artist and The Still House Group

To start this new section on we find wildness called onesize*, I have chosen to present a detail from an installation by ALEX ITO currently on show at Franz Josefs Kai 3 in Vienna.

As part of the exhibition Young Americans curated by CORNELIS VAN ALMSICK, the work by ITO is called The Principle of Hope (2015). It consists of a minimal, enigmatic landscape made of mouses mimicking human attitudes which are displayed into a shallow sandbox, aluminium elements that look like fragments of furnitures, two garments’ sleeves, as well as a a black and white print. The installation is precise, empathic but never cynical, although his scenario reveals a sense of despair thanks the dry materiality and hostile atmosphere.

and KAARI UPSON is on view at Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna until November 30, 2015.


Editor’s note:

*actual_size is a special project on we find wildness featuring a single image free of resizing. The original size of the published picture might be absurdly large in order to shift the coherent and preconfigured spatial unit of the post. Finally the image becomes a fragmented vision of the art piece or installation view with the aim to question the frozen status of the digital representation, the instantaneity of visual communication and to stress the screen devices. 

I hope you like it!




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