one pic monday. Christopher Aque


Identity Intelligence (Prince and Greene), 2015
silver gelatin print and acrylic screen print on matboard in aluminum frame, 20 1/4 x 16 1/4 inches

image courtesy the artist

Identity Intelligence (Prince and Greene) (2015) is a work by CHRISTOPHER AQUE that is part of his solo exhibition currently on show at Regards Gallery in Chicago.

Entitled I am, etc., the exhibition features sculptures and wall-based works that highlight the breaks, filters and lenses that all forms of communication are connected to.

Identity Intelligence (2015) is a series of prints that investigates the geopolitical power and its impact on individual privacy when cruising. The title refers to a term that appeared a few years ago used to designate ‘the analysis and use of personal information, including biometric and forensic data among others, to identify intelligence targets of interest and to deny them anonymity‘. The photographic motif consists of a google map screen-capture into which a vertical black and white image is embedded. Each element is reframed by other elements making interpretation potentially unlimited.

I am, etc. by CHRISTOPHER AQUE is on view at Regards, Chicago until December 19, 2015

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