Rebecca Patek. Back to the Source

Back to the Source, documentary clips / october 2015

video courtesy the artist

On the occasion of the Sunday Session at MoMA PS1 in early October, New-York based artist REBECCA PATEK presented her new performance piece which is based on an initial project she had for the temporary flexible space of the institution called the Dome. Below you can find an excerpt of her 500 words for Artforum that has been released this week and in which PATEK discusses briefly her new work.

I’m interested the highly choreographed ways in which porn is edited and shot. My original idea for this piece was to have a porn shoot in the VW Dome, which is located outside the museum. I was going to have a live-streaming camera shooting during a panel discussion—actually the panel was going to become the porn shoot and the actors were going to be played by PS1 staff. (…) I planned to edit it as “MoMA Porn” and post it on pornography websites. Part of this idea was about looking at the live thing and then realizing that the live thing is for the camera. (…) In the end, MoMA HQ rejected most of my ideas. Slowly all the elements in the piece had to be stripped away and I realized all I had left was a panel talk. So I made a documentary about the three months of making the piece, which is what I’ll show. – REBECCA PATEK for Artforum

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