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SIMON, Berlin, October 2015

Screen capture from the music video Koudlam, See You All, from the album Goodbye, 2009. Footage taken from Desniansky Raion by CYPRIEN GAILLARD, taken from

I think in both knitting and bondage photography the male is the photographer normally, so I wanted to find a male presence. There’s something kind of emasculate about the men in the knitting magazines. They’re posing in these ways that are about the sweaters and not about them. We’re not looking at “him” we’re looking at what he’s wearing, which is maybe different than other pictures of men where we’re looking at them because of who they are. They’re props too in this situation. The men are posing in a way that’s supposed to make the women want to knit these sweaters for their men. It’s not about even an audience of men, it’s about an audience of women who want their man to look like that. – LISA AUERBACH, excerpt from an interview with CRUZ VALDEZ, BDSM, Craft & Politics, for Ooga Booga, March 201, taken from

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