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MARIUS, Berlin, September 2015

Installation shot from I Am What You Call The Perfect Couple. Group exhibition with CHRISTOPH ESSER from Frankfurt, DAMARIS KERKHOFF from Cologne and MAXIMILIAN SCHNEIDER from Essen, at new bretagne, Essen, February 2015, taken from

Wim is a restrained melancholic whose life has lacked the sort of balance which is ‘completely right’ for him. Wim disappears completely behind a lifestyle that is entirely based on outward appearance. Only rarely do we see a brief glimpse of the beginnings of a genuine emotion. The inseparability of the political and the private cynically becomes reality in Randt’s novel. The novel’s language itself is not only consumed by meaningless ‘wellness’ nonsense – it is its end-product. This is more radical than it seems at first sight. The direct speech printed in italics consists solely of set pieces which could have been taken from cheery little television shows. People continually utter sentences such as: ‘There is a place round the corner which does fantastic French toast.’ When Wim’s girlfriend, Carla, dumps him in a text message, she writes: ‘A new era is beginning for me with a boy called Dustin.’ And he replies: ‘I take note of your decision and am likewise now preparing myself for a new phase.’ Just don’t be uncool or even un-soft. This is what Hell must feel like– CHRISTOPH SCHRÖDER, excerpt from a review of LEIF RANDT, Schimmernder Dunst über Coby County (Shimmering mist over Coby County), published by Berlin Verlag 2011. Review translated by SHERIDAN MARSHAL, July 2012, taken from

online with by FETTE SANS


Editor’s note:

Online with is a new wfw series made in collaboration with FETTE SANS. The project is taking the form of a composition featuring images of a boy taken in his environment by FETTE, a piece of text found in his place, as well as an additional image that FETTE has chosen as an echo of her meeting. Apart the name of the portrayed person as well as a link chosen by the latter, no factual information will be provided.

Online with will be featured on a monthly basis on we find wildness with the aim to crystallize a fragment of an encounter between two random people, and thus to examine the notion of time and memory, presence and absence, intimacy and privacy and more specifically the relationship between images and references in close connection with the photographic support. Eventually the whole composition goes beyond the documentary to embrace the discontinuities and lacunae of the medium and to show what is not visible in photography but that is nonetheless present and essential.

I hope you like it!




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