one pic friday. Pakui Hardware


Crave that mineral, 2015
magnesium and aluminium alloy rims, silicone, Fiji mineral water, edible Sky Blue pigment, PVC hose pipe, water pump, plastic liquid container, LED lighting system

image courtesy of the artist

Crave that Mineral is an installation by PAKUI HARDWARE and it’s part of the exhibition Threads. a Fantasmagoria about Distance curated by NICOLAS BOURRIAUD that is on view at the 10th Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania.

The installation features elements and sculptures which function as synthetic visions of the natural world and which aim to connect a fast-paced digital world with an aesthetic language based on the organic and the inorganics situations in which synthetic materials look more like bodily substances, and the body appear more mechanical. Therefor PAKUI HARDWARE makes use of materials that are increasingly ubiquitous as a result of new industries and technologies, but that are also very synthetic.

From the invention of digital computer coding (which appeared through weaving that is woven in the windows of this building), to synthetic life forms that synthetic biologists seek to create through programing and design. In addition, in the middle of this loop runs a material which bounds the organic nature of human and its environment – minerals. A system that constantly fills itself with and lacks of minerals. Magnesium – one of many minerals – is the most abundant element both in human body as well as in its surroundings. Alloy rims are no less organic magnesium bodies shaped through design as function than are human bodies, through which magnesium runs via liquids. The interweaving of human with its organic environment keeps dissolving, until synthetic life forms gain autonomous lives and ecosystems. – press release

 Threads. a Fantasmagoria about Distance curated by NICOLAS BOURRIAUD is on view during the 10th Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania

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