Julian Rose. Realiste Estates (on Wolfgang Tillmans’ Book for Architects)


Book For Architects (2014) is a two channel video installation by German photographer WOLFGANG TILLMANS created on the occasion of the 14th Architecture Biennale Venice in 2014,  and which is currently on view at the MET in New York for the first time since then.

WOLFGANG TILLMANS who doesn’t need introduction, has photographed over a period of ten years, the built environment of thirty-seven countries on five continents. The result is a site-specific, two-channel video installation that projects 450 photographs of buildings onto perpendicular walls.

American critic JULIAN ROSE comes back to this installation explaining how the pictures by TILLMANS is presenting architecture not as it is conceived or pictured by architects but rather as it actually exists in real life. ROSE‘s review has been released in the 2015 summer edition of Artforum, nethertheless a pdf of this article is available via the website of David Zwirner gallery.

Book for Architects is running through November 1, 2015 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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