Lu Yang. UterusMan

UterusMan, 2013
3-D animation, 1080p, music by Square Loud, 11’20”

video courtesy of the artist

Take the aesthetic of mangas, the extraordinary powers of superheroes, the entertainment of video games, the score of electronic music and blend them with the female reproductive organ better called uterus, then you get UterusMan (2013), a video piece by Shanghai-based artist LU YANG (1984) and which is part of the group exhibition Inhuman currently presented at the Fridericianum in Kassel.

Like other great superheroes, the imaginary entity wears an armor taking the shape of the uterus, his exceptional skills and advanced equipments comprise among others the ‘blood energy flying’ which allows him to fly by streaming menstrual blood from his feet, the ‘baby meteo hammer’, a monstrous baby that the character uses as a weapon to fight villains in order to save a future world from an evolution crisis, as well as the power of altering hereditary functions which can change the gender of the enemy, or instantaneously evoke a genetic disease to weaken the enemy.

Absurd, and filled with a dark sense of humor, this work which features an incredible wealth of details, deals with the ‘hidden issues of sexual orientation, genetics, reproduction, and problems with evolution’.

The project has been released as a 3D animation, online game, and various other forms developed through open-source collaborations. 

Inhuman is on view at Fridericianum in Kassel, German until June 14, 2015


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