Katharina Fengler. Superfood


Goblin, 2015


Green Fiend, 2015


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Green Goddess, 2015


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Endless Summer, 2015


Hulk, 2015

all images: courtesy of the artist and Acappella, Napoli

Eat Your Greens! could have been the title of KATHARINA FENGLER‘s latest exhibition at Acappella in Napoli. Rather, she has chosen SUPERFOOD, a term used in food industry and marketing in order to promote specifically supposed healthy products and which is highly exploited thanks to the health craze that is going around right now.

According to the press release, the exhibition SUPERFOOD ‘imbibes the juice of marketing and claims to be nothing but healthy’. The paintings in the show embrace bright grassy greens that have been airbrushed on Tyvek – a material used for packaging and for transporting both, food and art – in attempt to ‘leave you feeling calm, refreshed and compassionate’.

Even if this work focuses on latent ideologies and the emotional fallout within commercial consumption itself, the question of the body seems to be central to these artworks.

SUPERFOOD is on view at Acappella in Napoli until July 1, 2015.


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