one pic wednesday. Gary Hill


screen capture from Isolation Tank, 2010-2011
courtesy the artist

watch it here

This is a still from a video entitled Isolation Tank (2010-2011) by American artist GARY HILL, who is currently having a solo exhibition in Milano at Galleria Lia Rumma.

GARY HILL (1951) is considered as one of the most important contemporary artists exploring since the mid-1970s, the relationship between words, visual elements, and electronically generated sounds. His single-channel videotapes and video installations that includes some of the most significant works in the field of video art, are best known for involving the viewer on an active level.

Isolation Tank (2010-2011) consists of a single channel HD video projection which is entirely computer generated while the sound has been generated with an analog audio synthesizer. The piece was originally exhibited as part of a larger concept show entitled, of surf, death, tropes and tableaux: The Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment, a work the American artist developed in response to his experience with psychotropic drugs.

Isolation Tank (2010-2011) shows a lone surfboard on the open water, disturbed by a rogue wave which capsizes the board. The board is adorned with a decal of Mahakala, a protector of Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism, which morphs into a visage of the artist’s face.

The show at Galleria Lia Rumma entitled Depth Charge, features two recent works, Klein Bottle (2014) and Pacifier (2014), as well as Depth Charge (2009-2012), Learning Curve (1993), Sine Wave (2011) and Isolation Tank (2010-2011)

Depth Charge is on view until April 18, 2015 at Galleria Lia Rumma in Milano. Note also that you can watch more videos by GARY HILL via his vimeo account.

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