one pic monday. Spencer Longo


Mud Dynasty (Fennel and Flowers) , 2015
mudjug portable spittoon, scented wax, candied fennel, wick, 10,5 x 12, 5 cm

SPENCER LONGO, an American artist living in Los Angeles, created the work Mud Dynasty (Fennel and Flowers) (2015) which is now in the group exhibition you will find me if you want me in the garden at Galerie Valentin in Paris.

Mud Dynasty (Fennel and Flowers) (2015) consists of a yellow mudjug portable spittoon, in which purple scented wax with candied fennel has been poured in. For this piece, as well as for his previous works, LONGO uses mass-marketed products as raw materials to create installations or sculptures following the witty aesthetic of The Jogging, the popular art tumblr and art collective of which SPENCER LONGO is a member .

In the group show at Galerie Valentin, every works –  from scented candles, natural motifs to a shabby concrete sculpture – reference a carefully planned garden, with a focus not on flora and fauna but rather on the constructions and framing devices through which this domesticated natural world is now experienced.

you will find me if you want me in the garden organised by DOMENICO DE CHIRICO is on view at Galerie Valentin, Paris until May 16th, 2015

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