one pic friday. Situations (Fotomuseum Winterthur)


Junior War, 2013
film stills, HD-video, 24:08 min.,
© RYAN TRECARTIN, courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York; Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Sprüth Magers Berlin & London

A few days ago the Fotomuseum Winterthur started a new exhibition format titled Situations which attempts, according to the press release ‘to define Fotomuseum Winterthur’s vision of what photography is becoming, at the same time offering an innovative integration of physical exhibition space and virtual forum’.

Situations consists of building an archive of situations (or moments), which can take the form of an image, a film, a text, an interview, a screenshot, a Skype lecture, or even a performance and which might take place in Winterthur or elsewhere in the world as well as streamed on the Fotomuseum website.

The Situations programme is organised around key clusters which can then be searched and reordered by visitors in the online archive using a system of tags. Over time, new clusters and combinations – and new virtual exhibitions – will emerge.

I’m not sure to get how the new technologies will influence the format of this exhibition since it seems that the programme is already shaped and closed. Additionally the Situations page doesn’t offer at the moment something more than a basic website. Let’s see how this project evolves with a more diversified input!

The initial cluster is Relations and includes work by RYAN TRECARTIN, HEATHER DEWEY-HAGBORG, HITO STEYERL and ANETA GRZESZYKOWSKA:

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