Britta Thie. Translantics (episode 1)

Translantics – Episode 1/6: “Pores of Perception

Translantics is a new web series by Berlin-based artist BRITTA THIE that follows three german girls – BRITTA, ANNIKA and JULIA –  who live in Berlin and who interact with friends and acquaintances composed mostly of international expats. One of the major aspect of Translantics is the way the characters relate to each other which is very often dictated by their heavy reliance on technology. These ‘digitized’ relationships enable the artist to explore throughout the six episodes, ‘how concepts of self, emotions, and human interaction have changed under the influence of global developments in digital technology’.

The series may be a generational portrait, but the generation (‘89, plus or minus) is a generation in test-phase; the present is empty, and everyone is in between: zwischen hin und her, him and her, then and now. Resolution dials up and then dies down. Pupils dilate as center swiftly encroaches on periphery. With stories conveyed through smartphone cameras, skype windows, and contact lenses, each self-contained episode embodies its subject – form follows flux. *

From today (Tuesday, 28 April 2015) to August, the Schirn Kunsthalle of Frankfurt will feature a new episode each month exclusively online via . The video above entitled Pores of Perception is the first episode of the series… anxiety at high level, welcome to Berlin !

*source: press release

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