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C’est déjà un abri, 2015
exhibition view from Foreign Parts at l’Assaut de la la menuiserie, St Etienne

image courtesy the artist

‘C’est déjà un abri’ or ‘it’s already a shelter’ is a work by French artist STEPHANIE CHERPIN which is probably the central piece of her new solo exhibition entitled Foreign Parts currently presented at the art space L’Assaut de la Menuiserie on the occasion of the Biennale Internationale Design of Saint-Etienne in France.

For this exhibition, but like much of her previous works, STEPHANIE CHERPIN constructed a series of sculptures out of industrial and common materials, that she did not hesitate to put together in such a way as to endow them with a completely different dimension. More specifically Foreign Parts consists of camping materials such as tents, tarps as well as metallic structures, tools, or even tar that she took to pieces, dismembered, ripped up to eventually patched, glued and resewn them back together.

Bringing to mind ruins of sculptures, the works featured in Foreign Parts seem to deal with decay, decline and post-apocalyptic feelings, but at the same time it expresses an incredible sense of beauty, an exceptional attention to materials, colour and an undoubtedly fragility.

Foreign Parts by STEPHANIE CHERPIN is on view at L’Assaut de la Menuiserie in St Etienne until April 11, 2015. More infos about the Biennale Internationale Design of St Etienne here.

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