one pic monday. Darja Bajagić


ExAxes – Sword (detail), 2015
print on axe, 33,02 x 12,70 x 2,54 cm

image courtesy the artist

The image above is a detail from a piece by DARJA BAJAGIĆ that is currently part of the group exhibition Debris presented at James Fuentes Gallery in New York. Entitled ExAxes – Sword (2015), the work consists of an axe on which an image depicting two women posing with a sword has been printed. It’s odd, provocative and fascinating, additionally the art object, itself cold and cruel, amplifies the malaise of the combination of the girls and the tool.

DARJA BAJAGIĆ, born in Montenegro in 1990 and based in New York, seems to arouse the art world since a few months thanks to her work that uses imagery from Eastern European porn and niche fetish sites as well as serial killer memorabilia that she bought online. BAJAGIĆ’s work engages in a very direct confrontation with the viewer and investigated themes such as violence, existing power structures, consumerism, as well as pornography.

Debris, featuring work by DARJA BAJAGIĆ, DAVID WOJNAROWICZ, HAIM STEINBACH, LIZZI BOUGATSOS, NEVINE MAHMOUD and RENAUD JEREZ, is on view at at James Fuentes in New York until April 26, 2015.

Earlier this year Paramount Ranch presented a whole series of axes (on view here) by BAJAGIĆ. I also really recommend to read the article entitled Why Darja Bajagić Appropriates Porn and Serial Killer Art written by CHRISTIE CHU for artnet.


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