Jaakko Pallasvuo. Picasso

Picasso, 2014
HD Video, 5min55

video courtesy the artist

Finnish artist JAAKKO PALLASVUO is showing the video featured above entitled Picasso (2014) as well as other wall works in the Zombie Routine exhibition at New Galerie in Paris. The show is based around the routine daily life, the repeated actions and reactions we all, to some degree, accomplish and which generate a certain wasteland of exhausted domesticity.

Picasso (2014) is a new iteration of PALLASVUO‘s video works that explore the idea of video art and the methods of essay film. If you’ve seen the video, the piece asserts the sheer proliferation and interchangeability of images in the physical and virtual realms while the voiceover takes us on a personal journey in which ideas of identities, power as well as processes of individualization are questioned thanks to the character of Picasso.

I don’t really see my work as documentary, although I do understand how that connection could be made. The videos definitely have to do with awkwardly imposing dramatic structures onto reality, the relative impossibility of that. – JAAKKO PALLASVUO in conversation with LOUIS DOULAS, Rhizome March 2012

Zombie Routine (a project by Exo Exo) is on view at New Galerie in Paris till March 28, 2015.

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