Andrea Crespo. Parabiosis: neurolibidinal induction complex

sis: Parabiosis, 2015
digital video, 6:29 min
courtesy the artist

it’s recommended to listen with headphones or speaker systems capable of reproducing low tonal ranges for maximum efficacy

At Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler gallery in Berlin, American artist ANDREA CRESPO is currently presenting a series of prints as well as this fascinating video called Parabiosis (watch above) in which the artist refers to mental pathology, individuality and personality issues through CELINDE and CYNTHIA, a somehow schizophrenic transgender hand-drawn manga character.

Mixing technology, data, digital as well as analog artistic forms with anime aesthetics, this multi-disciplinary fiction chronicles the plural entity of this fictional protagonist; their distinct personalities, interests, moods, emotions, but also the mirrored thoughts and sensations shared in a common system called Sis.

Sis,” the system which aggregates ANDREAs multiplicity, participates within long-tail neurodivergent community online, contributing to networked mobilizations of identity which collectively motivate imaginative futurities that redefine the human and its supposed subjective unity. – JACK KAHN via DIS magazine

Highlighting the awkward relationship between digital industry and the complexities of reality and imagination, CRESPO’s fictional character provides a conceptual framework for the artist to explore identity and gender issues that have arisen out of technology.

If you are in Berlin, make sure to see sis : somatic systems by ANDREA CRESPO at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler before it closes on April 11, 2015.

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