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Schöner Wohnen, installation views at Armada, Milan
Courtesy of armada, Milan. Photo by BEPPE RASO

AIRBNB Pavilion is a London-based collective founded by architects FABRIZIO BALLABIO, ALESSANDRO BAVA, LUIS ORTEGA GOVELA and OCTAVE PERRAULT and which is best known for having interfered the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2014 by creating a series of unofficial exhibitions held in rented Airbnb apartments across Venice.

Like this previous project, Schöner Wohnen, currently presented at Armada, examines displays of domesticity as constructed through spaces, things as well as through media platforms. More specifically this single installation investigates ‘on the status of domestic objects as (biographical) signifiers of our dwelling selves in an age of savage mediatic reproduction‘ according to the press release.

Schöner Wohnen consists basically of filling the Milan’s art space with furniture and decoration borrowed from members of Armada. The title of the exhibition refers to publications or department stores instructing consumers on how to make the best dinners, living rooms, or lifestyles, and eventually leads the whole exhibition into the critical perspective on how the notion of domestic space, and all it encapsulates, has been redefined in contemporary culture.

Schöner Wohnen by AIRBNB Pavilion is on view at Armada in Milano till March 29, 2015

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