one pic monday. Arslan Sukan

Untitled 1 (1)

Untitled 1, 2014
inkjet print mounted on aluminium, 39″x 59″
image courtesy of the artist and Five Eleven

This is an image by ARSLAN SUKAN (1973) from his solo exhibition entitled While you are surfing presented at Five Eleven in New York last month.

Essentially the picture shows the surfaces of his iphone, the fingerprints, the dust and cracks on the screen after having been digitally manipulated by the Turkish-born artist. Enhancing, highlighting and eliminating in order to make visible the invisible is at the core of SUKAN‘s work, and this photographic series is no exception: printed on a highly reflective metallic paper, the work collects the filthy echo of his iphone use, embodying abstractly the conscious and unconscious gestures between the physical and digital worlds.

Make sure to visit ARSLAN SUKAN‘s website for more images of the exhibition or via

update: While you are surfing is extended until February 27, 2015 at Five Eleven, New York

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