Ida Ekblad


from Kaleidoscope Magazine #23 (Winter 2015)

The new Kaleidoscope Magazine has arrived!

It’s one of my favorite art magazines and looking through it is pure delight since the quarterly has been completely redesigned by nothing more than Bureau Mirko Borsche. This issue is all about feminism giving a voice to people like NATASHA STAGG, AMALIA ULMAN (interviewed by FRANCESCA GAVIN) or Girls Like Us (interviewed by FELIX BURRICHTER) among others. This number features also largely the work of Norwegian artist IDA EKBLAD.

If you have the chance to put your hands on a copy of this brand new issue, make sure to read the whole conversation between IDA EKBLAD and American artist CORY ARCANGEL which turns around EKBLAD‘s practice, inspiration and well…aliens.

More infos about the magazine and where you can get a copy via

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