Rita Lino

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all images © RITA LINO

Portuguese photographer RITA LINO explores, through a series of photographs and videos, the possibilities of her body with an uninhibited sexuality and a playful, stylized shamelessness.

But as always, things are not quite so simple or direct. While LINO’s photographs use overly blunt imagery, they repeatedly conceal their messages: identity is always a mask — necessarily strange and ambiguous; her work constructs a self that is mutable and elusive. At times, she looks directly at the camera, daring and defying the audience to return her gaze; other times, she turns and looks away, blindfolding or covering her eyes. Whether concealed or conspicuous, RITA LINO asserts that no exposure fully reveals her.

More than mere snapshots, her work touches on voyeurism, loneliness, the manipulative power of the camera, and the urge to connect with others, through, within, and apart from technology and the media.

→ http://www.ritalino.com/

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