one pic thursday. Julien Gremaud


from the series Thatcher is Dead, 2013


JULIEN GREMAUD is a Swiss photographer who – for this project solely – set aside his camera and turned to preexisting media imagery. The project Thatcher is Dead (2013) started at the death of former British prime minister in April 2013. The medias and the newspapers particularly were flooded by pictures of MARGARET THATCHER, it’s at that time JULIEN began to underline the moment when two pictures collide randomly by superimposition in newspapers.

I capitalize on this posthumous visual treatment and turn it aside by juxtaposing contemporary images according to a strict protocol of reappropriation of newspaper clippings. I seek indeed to obtain a two-sided image, a perfect collage in the grid of the newspaper that will offer an image in both sides. I then scan it as I do with a positive film. – JULIEN GREMAUD via his website

By selecting, scanning and printing these double images in large format, JULIEN GREMAUD developed an elegant strategy for exploring press photography and finally giving theses images an original meaning at odds with their origin.

JULIEN GREMAUD was a recipient of the 2014 Swiss Design Award for this project and he is also part of the new Talent Issue Summer 2014 in Foam Magazine (ps. make sure to follow Foam on instagramJULIEN is also taking their account for this week)!

Congrats Julien!

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