Frances Stark. therealstarkiller




all images from the series therealstarkiller, 2014
archival inkjet prints,  7 x 7 x 1 inches each (17,8 cm x 17,8 cm x 2.5 cm each)
images courtesy of the artist, and Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles

FRANCES STARK  is a Los Angeles-based artist who is best known for her work – comprising works on paper, videos, sculptures and performances – that explores image-making and the written word. Her recent works therealstarkiller (2014) is no exception. The series consists of small, square prints, taken directly from STARK’s Instagram account — @therealstarkiller.

Between poetic and visual arts practices, as well as analogue and digital processes, therealstarkiller (2014) reflects the complexity of FRANCES STARK’s blend of Internet images, autobiographical elements, art history references, scraps of texts, sms and digital culture.

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