one pic #4. Renate Buser


view from the photographic installation Barock, 2014
at Bellelay Abbey, Switzerland
image © wfw

This is a view from the abbey of Bellelay in Switzerland which is currently hosting its annual exhibition. For this year’s edition, Swiss artist RENATE BUSER displays a series of large realistic images that underscore architectural aspects of the abbey. Under the title Barock, the monumental photographic installation focuses on the succession of pillars and the volume between them, enlarges certain details, or even reverses others. Looking at these pieces, you are tricked into seeing something that is not there: the work of RENATE BUSER not only offers a new reading of the space, but it also provides a cinematic experience .

Barock is on view at the Bellelay Abbey in Switzerland until July 27, 2014

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