Mark Leckey

Prop4aShw, (2010/2013)
courtesy of the artist

To coincide with MARK LECKEY‘s current exhibition at Gavin Brown’s entreprise in New York, wfw presents LECKEY‘s Prop4aShw (2010/2013), a video proposal that features a fascinating composition of a collection of ideas for a touring group exhibition he wanted to mount; the resulting show, The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, has since toured several spaces in the UK. 

This is a proposal for a show a version of which I first uploaded in 2010. I made this video to win around venues for a Hayward touring show. The show has happened in three venues, Liverpool, Nottingham and the De La Waar Pavilion in Bexhill in July 2013. This is a rejig of the original video. The singing at the beginning is from AMANDA BAGGS’s video ‘In My Language‘ and is played over the sound of an original Wurlitzer Sideman drum machine. It has bits of  SHELDON BROWN‘s Scalable City, bits of GtsMod’s Giantesses and the singing at the end is from ‘I light the fire’ byVERONICA OUCHOLIN

‘The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things’ was part of a series of artist-curated shows organized by Hayward Touring. I was asked in 2010 and spent three years searching and gathering, putting together the show on my desktop. Once I’d decided on which things I wanted I could then ask the Hayward to try and get me the actual thing itself. So the way the show developed was by flip-flopping from the digital realm to the real world and once the exhibition actually materialised in a physical space I was left with a feeling of, not quite anti-climax, but a sense that this was to final; that these things that had been alive to me for the last couple of years were now just dead media, they’d been through all these transformations but were now somehow inert. But more importantly they had now passed out of my hands and one of the main drives in collecting all these things together was to have them within my grasp, to actually hold them and touch them. I didn’t want to give up my possession of them, and in the Modern World I don’t have to. So I scanned as many of the objects as I could and with the help of FormLabs and GBE they will be 3D printed over the month of May. This is not an exhibition in itself but the making of the next generation of the show – this one called UniAddDumThs – for WIELS, in Brussels, opening in September this year. The making is an event, a chance to see these machines in action, making the future.”- MARK LECKEY, 2014

➝ A Month of Making by MARK LECKEY is on view at Gavin Brown Entreprise in New York until June 21, 2014

➝➝ make sure to watch also Proposal for a Show (2010)



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