Rachel Rose

Sitting Feeding Sleeping, 2013
9 minutes 49 seconds, HD video with sound
courtesy of the artist


RACHEL ROSE’s work uses the connection of language and technology to create compelling and dense narratives that explore the shifting relationship between information and images.

For the video work Sitting, Feeding, Sleeping (2013), RACHEL ROSE went on several research trips to get close to entities that were almost human, or almost dead, such as advanced AI-controlled robots, cryogenically frozen dead bodies and zoo animals. The result is a video essay where spoken words, images and writing meld and converge across diverse times to form a hybrid world.

My subject is what it is to feel today’s life of suspended­ living. What does it mean to have a body in a time when life can be extended, our ecology manipulated, our emotions can become our technologies. The mechanisms of this are not silent, only noiseless­ internal deformations quietly abstracting into external explosions.  My specificity is in recombining these mechanisms through montage; initiating interactions between supposedly dispersed, independent moments/materials. In all, working towards an experience of how contingent us being alive—now—is. – RACHEL ROSE*

RACHEL ROSE  (b.1986, New York, NY) lives and works in NY. She received her MFA from Columbia, an MA from the Courtauld Institute of Art, and her BA from Yale. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Geographies of Contamination at The David Roberts Foundation (London) and Uncanny Valleys at Electronic Arts Intermix (New York).


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