Elisabetta Benassi. Roma K69996

Roma K69996, 2007
video, colour, 8:50
courtesy the artist and Magazzino, Roma

In early 2007 I bought a 1975 Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 2000: it’s my car. For years I looked for that model and that color, a metallic-finish grey. It’s identical to the one PIER PAOLO PASOLINI used to drive. Over thirty-four years since he died, it’s still an awkward presence and one that’s still asking questions. It’s disturbing. PASOLINI could still be with us, and his car has never stopped since 1975. It will continue along the roads: with its headlights on, still blinding us. The car has been parked in Palazzo Farnese in as subterranean space next to the fragment of a roman mosaic depicting marine scene. – ELISABETTA BENASSI

ELISABETTA BENASSI is an Italian artist whose work draws upon historic and personal
archives (approximatively 70,000 photos collected from major press agencies and
national dailies like La Stampa and The New York Times) as the foundation for her
practice, all the while questioning their particular representations of facts.
One of her best known series of watercolors, All I Remember (2011), features original
journalistic photographs of explosions in the 20th century; these are presented as
enlarged watercolors of the photographs’ backs, including notes and inscriptions.
Her other projects often concern a mix of both forgotten and commonly known tidbits
of history, like Adolf Hitler’s purchase of a Volkswagen Beetle, a Russian demonstration
against the Ku Klux Klan, or the murder of the Italian politician Aldo Moro.
BENASSI’s projects take form in a variety of mediums, including video, installation,
and photography.

Good news: Smog a Los Angeles, the first solo exhibition by ELISABETTA BENASSI in a public institution in France is on view at Crac Alsace Altkirch till 26 January 2014.

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