Bunny Rogers


BUNNY ROGERS is an artist and poet who lives and works in New York, where she is currently in residency at the Queens Museum of Art. She is best known for using multiple online platforms (twitter, tumblr, facebook, website) as medium to simultaneously showcase herself and her creative output.

Online I have been Emr006, emr007, emr008, Catgirl462, catnip4, Serineana, Biff Brannon, Muffy Summers, Bunny Winterwolf, bunrogers, and the list goes on. I have to be online for a very long time. Why, I can’t even believe I am twenty-one years old. I am a person who loves all animals, especially cats. I enjoy drawing, writing, sewing and baking. – BUNNY ROGERS

Performing at live readings throughout the New York City area and beyond, these poems hit at the crux of a dark nostalgia, a memory of loss, ignoring our cultural revisionism for the purity of self as it develops. The language echoes the work of her ribbon site, naïve but painfully aware of an emotionalsomething that is missing – something lost that cannot be regained. It’s not necessarily a loss of innocence, but perhaps a loss of a self at a certain time, irrevocably changed by events that have come after: lovers, death, the pressures of society to change and conform to its regulations. – LAUREN ALLEGREZZA for Bluestockings Magazine

BUNNY ROGERS received her BFA from Parsons The New School for Design in 2012. Her most recent exhibitions include Shades of berny (solo exhibition) at Appendix Project Space, Portland; If I Die Young with Filip Olszewski at 319 Scholes, New York; Afterlife are belong to me with Benjamin Asam Kellogg at Sandy Brown, Berlin.

Good news: a book of her poetryMy Apologies Accepted, will be published in 2014 with Civil Coping Mechanisms.

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