Ian Cheng. Thousand Islands Thousand Laws

live simulation, infinite duration

video courtesy the artist

IAN CHENG, whose work I’ve mentioned before, is now presenting the exhibition BABY FEAT. BALI at Standard (Oslo), Norway as well as the video THOUSAND ISLANDS THOUSAND LAWS (2013) at the 12th Lyon Biennial, Lyon, France.

Working with choreographers and motion capture technicians, CHENG creates lived and invented experiences. ‘Thousand Islands Thousand Laws’ guides the viewer through an imagined swamp compelling you to explore its constantly mutating surroundings.  This is a story with no end- it is powered by code that is constantly being rewritten generating an ever changing image. A totally engrossing and perplexing viewing experience. The Hepworth Wakefield

➝ BABY FEAT.BALI is on view until December 7, 2013 at Standard (Oslo). The 12th Lyon Biennial is running through January 5, 2014.


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