Ji Yeo


from the series Beauty Recovery Room

JI YEO is a photographer originally from South Korea and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design. In the past few years, JI has been investigating and documenting the wounded faces and bodies of women who have recently undergone plastic surgery while creating a series of projects focusing on body, beauty, identity and memory.

Entitled Beauty Recovery Room, the series portrays each subject in an extremely intimate way, but also reveal a facet of Korea unseen before:

The latest raw data compiled from the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery in 2010, confirms that south korea is indeed the country with the world’s highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery. It is a culture where men are judged on their financial balance sheet and women by their beauty. The male-dominated media endlessly reinforces its model of the ideal woman.  As a result of these cultural forces korea has become a beauty-oriented society where people are judged more for their appearance than their character. Korean women, often fall into the trap of trying to live up to the ideal personified in the media. The combination of these factors has dramatically increased the burgeoning plastic surgery industry while creating another set of standards for women to adhere to.

Make sure to watch the whole series via her website jiyeo.com

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