Pascal Greco. Nowhere









all images: stills from Nowhere, 27 min, 2013
produced, directed and edited by PASCAL GRECO

all images © PASCAL GRECO

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going — American travel writer PAUL THEROUX

Nowhere is a short film by Swiss photographer and art director PASCAL GRECO which has taken him through urban and rural areas from the remote parts of the world.

At the boundary between documentary and piece of art, Nowhere reveals a magic rawness in the places PASCAL has travelled to, along with abstract parameters such as emptyness, width and weather. Thanks to a perfectly fitted sound universe composed by GOODBYE IVAN, this film is a delicate, and quiet journey that challenges our ways of seeing, our perception and imagination while engaging in contemporary topics like urbanisation, environmental issues, globalisation and tourism.

PASCAL GRECO‘s new film capture a feeling that’s hard to describe but easy to get lost in.

And good news: Nowhere will be projected on May 28 at Les Cinémas du Grütli, Geneva and at Le Bourg in Lausanne on Friday May 31. The screenings are going to be accompanied by four musicians GOODBYE IVAN, SABRINA MORAND, FRED MA, and FABRICE SEYDOUX.

For those of you who can’t make it either because you are too far away or you didn’t get a slot, Nowhere is availabe in a deluxe dvd pack including a cd and a bluray disc.

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