Kelly Nipper. Circle Circle

Circle Circle, 2007
2-channel video projection
10:00 looped, color, sound
courtesy of the artist

Through a repertoire of precise, repeated moves and slow gestures, American multimedia artist KELLY NIPPER stages arresting environments that investigate themes of space, time, weather, emotion, moving body, and how experience is measured and counted. The result takes the form of photographs, videos, installations and now live performances, revealing a crisp minimalism and abstraction.

I was interested in sculpture early on, but later gravitated toward photography, video, and installation. The movement from one to the other had to do with making, marking, or carving space and time. In graduate school at CalArts, I used photographs of people in my installations. I think I was afraid to work with real people in live performance. With a camera, there’s always a barrier, a distance between the subject and the person behind the camera, whereas performance requires a lot of direct, hands-on work. I am more of the observer type and prefer to keep a distance. Once I left school, I started incorporating live performers into my installations, and it took me about eight years or so to understand on a practical level what that meant. There are now a lot of people involved in each of my pieces, but I still have to be able to get the distance of an observer to make the work happen. – KELLY NIPPER in conversation with ROSELEE GOLDBERG, November 2008

Circle Circle (2007) demonstrates the central importance of simple scenography and the performative basic movement that achieve a trancelike effect over viewers in KELLY NIPPER‘s work . This video is part of a larger series of works where she examines the hurricane as a form of unmeasured movement that forms elementally, circles out from the eye, and develops and changes over time. The two-channel video presents a projection of a dancer seen from behind, whose hips move at varying speeds in circular rotation analogous to the movement of a hurricane in formation.

And good news: from 5 April to 16 June 2013, the Kunsthaus Zürich presents the solo exhibition Black Forest by KELLY NIPPER.

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