Sanna Helena Berger & Nadine Goepfert

The Garments May Vary, 2013
featuring garments made by NADINE GEOPFERT
video courtesy SANNA HELENA BERGER

A few days ago London-based photographer and Tourist Magazine editor, SANNA HELENA BERGER, released The Garments May Vary, a video featuring the graduate collection of Berlin-based textile designer NADINE GOEPFERT.

NADINE‘s work is based on research and conceptual thinking and explore the wide field of eventuality by creating open situations, where coincidence is a welcome guest and forms the basis for textile designs and art installations. With an eye on detail and an interest in traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, she constantly experiments with the diverse aspects of the materiality and the structure of textiles.

With this work as well as other projects (whether it collage, photo, or video), SANNA HELENA BERGER forgoes digitized perfection and moody nihilism to capture intimate moments in the lives of her models, family and friends. The result is raw, simple and intuitive breaking through the conventions of fashion photography.


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  1. j aime la perfection de cette composition