Oval Office (Mikko Gaestel / Jaakko Pallasvuo)




Globe, dye-sublimation print on polyester, 130cm x 195cm, 2013


installation view at Future Gallery, Berlin, January – March 2013


Bananaz, print on vertical blinds, 326cm x 242cm, 2013

The Comfort Zone, HD video, 04:19, 2013


Mia and Sunset, framed archival pigment prints on paper, 59.4cm x 42cm, 2013 

all images courtesy of OVAL OFFICE and Future Gallery, Berlin

 (pronounced OVAL OFFICE) is a project by MIKKO GAESTEL and JAAKKO PALLASVUO, both individual artists in their own right. For their debut solo exhibition at Future Gallery in Berlin, they are showing an experimental approach, with works structured loosely around everyday rituals or cast from the curious ephemera collected from personal experiences. The whole is presented in the form of video and photography, equally pervaded by surreality, eeriness and absurdity.

Their work reminds me of what PAUL VIRILIO calls ‘Picnolepsy, a medical condition that, nonetheless, tells us about perception and time:

Suddenly, before me, new objects appeared, bizarre figures cut out, notched, a set of articulations has become suddenly visible and these observed objects were no longer banal, whatever, insignificant; they were on the contrary, diversified in the extreme. They were everywhere, all space, all the world was filled with new forms. They were nested in the hollows of the least forms. It was like an unknown vegetation that grew around me. Industrial objects without value provoked the appearance of objects temporarily given a great complexity. The position of things triggered new exotic forms, forms that escaped us despite their evidence. Accustomed as we are to trivial geometries, we perceive perfectly the circle, the sphere, the cube or the square, we perceive infinitely less well intervals, the interstices between things, between people. PAUL VIRILIO, L’Horizon Négatif

Good news: OVAL OFFICE   is currently on view at Future Gallery in Berlin until March 2, 2013

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