Mike Goldby



That singular moment of synthesis- the artificial shutter release, where trend, product and lifestyle are conflated into singular representations- seems to go on and repeat forever; narratives expand, overlap, collapse and switch places. MIKE GOLDBY

Toronto based artist and curator MIKE GOLDBY examines, through staged photographs, videos and sculptural installations, social network structures and how their image-making strategies are co-opted as vehicles for personal branding. GOLDBY considers the liminal space behind the lens and before the screen expanding in this way the experience involved in contemporary identity-construction and representation strategies that often go unspoken in today’s post-Internet conditions.

In a culture of social media, cultural production is also always image production.
Images are literally produced from information by the apparatus, but the apparatus
also has a new and more complex relationship to the image and the information it carries.
Stock photography is a prevailing presence on the Internet, where corporations,
blogs and other online publications buy photographs from massive databases to
illustrate pamphlets, blog posts, articles, advertisements and so on.
(…) The photos may be populated by people, but are devoid of characters or scenes.
They embrace methods of advertising, but have nothing but themselves to sell.
Even when these photographs have a clear subject or implied story, they always harbor 
a latent void, and, importantly, stock is distinctly different from traditional commercial
photography, articulating itself through a ligature of networks and sublimated processes.
Good news: his work will be on view Tomorrow Gallery in Toronto
from February 22 to March 17, 2013.


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