Oskar Fischinger

Optical Poem, 1938, 07:09
, color
music: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by FRANZ LISZT

In a couple of days, a major exhibition on the work of OSKAR FISCHINGER (1900-1967) will open at EYE, Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam.

OSKAR FISCHINGER was indeed an avant-garde filmmaker, emerging from the Absolute film movement in Berlin in the 1920s, who explored time, animated motion and music through more than fifty films and animations.

Entitled Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967): Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction, the exhibition features his earliest experiments and inventions, his most important films and many original never previously exhibited animation drawings. This is supplemented by paintings, notated music scores and documents. Additionally the exhibition includes Raumlichtkunst (ca. 1926/ 2012), Center for Visual Music’s new restoration* and recreation of FISCHINGER multiple projector performances of the 1920s, presented as a three-screen installation.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 15 December and will run through March 17th 2013!

*you can help with the preservation and digitization of OSKAR FISCHINGER’s films, more infos here



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