Lars Tunbjörk


LARS TUNBJÖRK‘s photographs are impossible to pull away from. While his subjects range from his native country’s suburban landscapes, to portraits of office spaces and political coverages of U.S. elections, his pictures always reveal a fresh and striking way of looking at the world.

Especially in my older work, I was looking for strange, absurd situations, going on endless tours to festivals, campgrounds, and shopping centers. If I found an interesting place, I could stand there for hours, waiting. I often get asked if my pictures are staged. They are not, but I always try to be very visible as a photographer, and I don’t know how much I influence a situation, just by having a camera. – LARS TUNBJÖRK in conversation with MARIA LOKKE

And good news: you still have a few days (until 15 december 2012) to view Vinter by Swedish photographer LARS TUNBJÖRK at Swedish Photography in Berlin. Also, look out for a new book entitled L.A Office which will be released by MACK in January 2013.

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