Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

Blockbuster, 2012
16 mm Projection, Soundmachine
Installation at “Wozu Zeit”, RaebervonStenglin, Zurich, 2012

Our truth rises from the belief in the photographic moment…. This belief is opening the door to a new, exciting little world full of wonders. It allows us to be explorers beyond the ordinary. To have fun while transforming weird ideas mingled from childhood dreams, TV commercials, daily newspapers and art history lessons into visual sensations that become a part of our jigsaw puzzle reality. –  TAIYO ONORATO & NICO KREBS

The swiss duo TAIYO ONORATO & NICO KREBS is best known for their photographic objects as well as for their sculptures and installations. Typical of their work is the immanent question of honesty of photography. With illusions, visual traps and emblematic constructions, they bring the proof that our representations of reality depend on effects which stimulate our imagination and give birth to beliefs.

TAIYO ONORATO & NICO KREBS were both born in 1979 in Switzerland. They studied Photography at the Zürich University for the Arts and have worked together since 2003. They came to international attention with ‘The Great Unreal’ (2005 – 2009), a series photographed over several roadtrips across the United States. Their solo exhibitions include ‘Light of Other Days’, Foam, Amsterdam (2012); ‘The Great Unreal’, MMAM, Moscow (2012); ‘Nico Krebs vs. Taiyo Onorato’, Kunsthalle Mainz (2011); ‘Universal Studio’, Museum Bellpark, Luzern (2011); ‘Tutto Incluso’, EX3 Contemporary Art Centre, Florence (2010); ‘The Great Unreal’, Kunstagenten Gallery, Berlin (2010); ‘Caravan: Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs’, Kunsthaus Aarau (2009); ‘The Whole Shebang’, Swiss Institute, New York (2008). They live and work in Berlin.

Till now two books have been published with success: The Great Unreal (2010) published by Edition Patrick Frey and As Long As It Photographs It Must Be A Camera (2011, self published).


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