Myr Muratet

all images from the series Wasteland © MYR MURATET

MYR MURATET is a French photographer whose work is almost a documentary about cities, its inhabitants and its suburbs. His last series entitled Wasteland is a research around the notions of occupation and invasion in the abandoned urban areas of Seine-Saint-Denis:

‘Wasteland’ is a work in progress carried out on 21 urban wasteland sites and their occupants in the Seine-Saint-Denis area near Paris. The people I met are either Rom, Romanian, travellers, French, African, or homeless and only have the insecurity of the daily lives in common, plus the knowledge that they can’t expect any more from the gadji (their outsider neighbours) than from the authorities who, sooner or later, will evacuate them from their camp. They remain however full of positive energy and have a certain skill at making a living and finding somewhere to live. – MYR MURATET

And good news: Wasteland will be presented at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography which opens on Friday 7 September, 2012 in Biel, Switzerland (more info here).

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