Ulrike Biets


Belgium-born ULRIKE BIETS‘ photographs are honest, frontal, raw and occasionally haunting, which causes me to always come back for a second look.

Like many photographers, she captures her look on the world in a documenting style by shooting people, music, fashion, stories, scenes and everyday life. A mixture of moments which are punk, a bit anarchic, and where she never lays a soft hand. Somewhere between poetry which doesn’t stick to the rules and a thirst for liberty, her photography seduces, stirs or questions the viewer.

ULRIKE has worked as a freelance photographer for magazines as Vice, Gonzo, LiveXS, The Word and is now busy on projects for her own co-produced publication called Poupi Whoopy.

Make sure to view the moment after the picture above here

or to browse her tumblr

And good news: her work has been released in a book published by Pogobooks last year!


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