Melanie Bonajo. Construct

MELANIE BONAJO for Foam For You*, 2012

Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this documentary giving an insight into the practice of Dutch artist MELANIE BONAJO: her ingenious and adventurous constructions in order to create surrealist images, the way she collects, archives and imagines ideas, her spontaneous and absurd undertone, her creative interaction between bodies and objects, her alternative way of seeing the world, and her charismatic personality.

MELANIE BONAJO (Heerlen, 1978) works as an artist, performing and exhibiting her photographs in major art institutions such as Institute Neérlandais, Paris; Museum Kröller-Möller, De Hoge Veluwe; SMBA, Amsterdam; Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam; Fons Welters, Amsterdam; Foam, Amsterdam and a solo show at Fette Gallery, Los Angeles 2008. She won the Dutch Young Artist Award for 2003 and in collaboration with Kinga Kielczynska won the Pup Award 2007. Her work has been published by Capricious, Eye-magazine, Glu, Livraison, Famous magazine, Mollusk and many more. Since 2004 she has been the Creative Editor of Capricious, the photo magazine for young emerging photographers.

*Foam For You is new initiative by FOAM gallery in Amsterdam. Two other short films also profile the celebrated artists MICHAEL WOLF and JESSICA BACKHAUS giving deeper insight into their personal inspirations and individual working practice.  Each film takes its title from, and relates to, a theme from a previous issue of Foam Magazine.


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