Osma Harvilahti


all images © OSMA HARVILAHTI

I am quite late to the game, since the work of Finnish photographer OSMA HARVILAHTI is everywhere on the net. Nevertheless his images, as if snapshots from a daydream, depict a personal world with a magnetic atmosphere, relating a memory that is at once entertaining and, through the emotions of its characters, unsettling.

I’m often inspired by my own dreams, which I tend to write down in the middle of the night. Last summer I made my first trip to the Finnish archipelago, the islands there are all different from each other and the atmosphere there is surreal and mystical. Experienced an explosion of inspiration there. My work is hugely influenced by the seven dark months in Finland. I work mostly with natural light, so I have to stay creative. – OSMA HARVILAHTI for Dazed Digital, May 2011

Spend some time here and his tumblr too.

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