Katinka Pilscheur

exhibition view at Galerie Koal, 2012
350 m wood, car varnish, Alucor

Conceived after a stay in Cuba in 2011-2012, KATINKA PILSCHEUR presents 27-04-2012, a new work especially made for the Galerie Koal in Berlin. The basis of the installation is a wooden scaffolding – resembling constructions used in Cuba to stabilize buildings in danger of collapsing – that is suspended between the two long walls of the gallery.

This wooden structure supports large-scale, high-gloss color panels. PILSCHEUR chose from a range of Cuban automobile paints which she purchased on the island – not the vibrant colors typical of the Caribbean, but instead ones which reflect the tones of the natural surroundings.

Operating like a gleaner, KATINKA PILSCHEUR tears everyday things out of their context and creates new sculptural objects allowing the viewer to take a fresh look at her own memory and experience.

Moreover, the chosen palette reflects the colors of the Cuban landscape, and the smell of wood reinforces the natural associations, as does a small photograph of a tropical island hung by the entrance to the exhibition. In an abstract sense, Pilscheur has constructed a landscape. – JURRIAAN BENSCHOP for Artforum

And good news: this installation by KATINKA PILSCHEUR is currently on view at GALERIE KOAL in Berlin through June 30, 2012.

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