Jenni Hiltunen & Miikka Lommi. Grind

GRIND (2011, 4:03,  by JENNI HILTUNEN and directed/edited by MIIKKA LOMMI
music: Ville Riippa, dancers: House of Queens

I mentioned JENNI HILTUNEN and MIIKKA LOMMI, respectively artist and film director both from Finland, before but that won’t stop me from mentioning them again, since they have collaborated on a new video entitled GRIND.

Created especially for the exhibition ‘Thank you for the music‘ at Kiasma (Museum of contemporary art, Helsinki) earlier this year, GRIND has taken the aesthetic of music videos and has explored the gestural vocabulary of dancehall culture.

Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV.

The exaggerated slow rhythm of the video (the original bottom shake is 40 times faster) reflects the relationship between dance and movement, music and image, humour and provocation.

Be sure to check out their previous collaborative videos here!

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