Jennifer Abessira

all images from the project Elastique

The creative act is no longer the act creation: instead it’s the choosing, collecting, ordering, cutting and pasting of the extant; it’s about having favorites and displaying them, commenting on them, using them as parts.

The ongoing project Elastique by JENNIFER ABESSIRA is all about the subtle acts of choice: she ambitiously juxtaposes a wide range of images, that she has found or has photographed herself, based on iconographic representation, shape, colour, position, surface perception, but also on the reference of the objects described by the artist. With a combination of nature, women’s bodies and psychedelic textures, she’s able to come up with beautiful photographs that will leave you wanting more.

And good news: her work will be part of the exhibition Irreconciliable (curated by GUY YANAI) from May 12 to June 14, 2012 at the Spaceship in Tel-Aviv, where she lives and works.

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