André & Michel Décosterd. Cycloïd-E

on view at Le Manège, Belfort ( in connexion with the exhibition COD.ACT at Espace Multimedia Gantner), May 2012

Cycloïd-E is a unique and mesmerizing sound sculpture by ANDRE (musician, composer and sound plastician) and MICHEL (architect and plastician) DECOSTERD, two brothers who develop artistic productions such as performances and interactive installations. The basis of their approach is a reflection on sound, image and movement and their possible interaction.

Composed of five movable metal tubes, or arms, with a length of 1 meter each, installed on a pedestal and equipped with an internal motor, Cycloïd-E performs a hypnotic dance, pervading the surrounding space with cosmic sounds: the first tubular segment receives positive or negative impulses that the four other tubes echo like pendulums. Thus, the five interlinked arms swing in unpredictable and dance-like patterns. In order to conveniently associate the perception of sound and movement of the object, each segment is equipped with a loudspeaker. Each of them emits a sound directly related to its speed and its position, but also in relation to the state of unfolding of the whole structure and finally directly related to the density of the fluctuations.

For all its complex engineering, Cycloïd-E appears elegantly simple transfiguring the space, time and our consciousness and physical sensitivity. A true experience.

If you missed it, you can still experiment with other installations by ANDRE and MICHEL DECOSTERD at Espace Multimédia Gantner in Bourogne (France) until September 2, 2012. Meanwhile I really suggest you to view Cycloïd-E in action, here!

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