Virginie Rebetez

all images from the series Visiting Jane, 2009 – 2010, Los Angeles
Inkjet prints, 110 x 72 cm

Connecting identity, history, and memory, VIRGINIE REBETEZ uses photography as a means of exploration, as a tool that allows her to have a different meaning and interpretation of the elements that surround us.

With a series of self-portraits entitled Visiting Jane, VIRGINIE REBETEZ goes on the hunt for crime scenes where people died and who have not yet been identified. The work was produced over a two-year period (2009–2010), during which the artist travelled in the Los Angeles county researching and documenting the locations and the belongings of the deceased.

But her photographs stretch beyond mere documentation: brimming with radiant light, unsettling atmosphere and sinister implications, they are carefully staged tableaux imbued with mystery.

This series has been compiled in a book which contains pictures and extracts from the Police archives, and will be published in a Swiss magazine, Georges (released 16 April, 2012). Additionally her work will be part of the group exhibition The Breath On Our Back in the PhotoforumPasquArt, Bienne (Switzerland) from 14 April (opening) to 17 June, 2012.


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